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Project : Ecological-business development

A project to be implemented at Högbo Bruk AB, Sandviken

May 2012 – December 2013

Background and brief description

The current project can be considered as the second phase of the one started a year earlier  in May 2011. This first project was named Organic production of vegetables in greenhouse & Social Integration. This title was very explicit living no doubts on its content and objectives. Nevertheless very soon was renamed and became  The organic greenhouse project.

Main purpose in this project both phase 1 and 2, was, it is and will be to provide the target group, former refugees from Burma, with tools that will enable them to walk away from the social segregation, poverty and unemployment. 

It has been the believe that  people coming from the countryside in their home countries, would have skills easy to adapt to the new rural environment. This experience shows that this is an overstatement. A lot of time and efforts are put to provide basic information about working routines, procedures and rules.

The project has now a high standard greenhouse wich perhaps is not big enough to facilitate working place for all the participants but it is pivot point delivering new experience and knowledge.

The technical skills on organic plant production will together with a practical approach to improve language skill in swedish certainly increase positive results on integration and employment.

Current state

At the present October 2012, halv year after the start of Phase 2, the efforts aim to consolidate the organic  production at the greenhouse and in the open field.

This consolidation means focus on finding solutions to increase the indoors production area and to speed up the harvest frequency. One could say we are now in the trial and error phase. All this work should be seen as the embryo of a future R&D section that any company have to have.

In relation to other working areas announced in the project plan for 12.05.01- 13.12.31 nothing has been initiated so far. The main reason for nothing been inititate is that in order to choose the most sound business option a certain time for evaluating is required.

This project is also tackling the issue of improving the target group´s language skills in swedish. In this front the implementation is now starting to a more adequate and modern approach. It is estimated that at the end of this year the final shape for the target group various levels of skill, needs and capability, is in place.

Högbo / 12.10.11                                                                                                                                                  L. Fagundez / project manager

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