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About the organisation

The employees of the municipality shall, in their respective areas of activity, implement decisions taken by the political committees. The chief executive officer is the municipality´s most senior non-political official and has the overall managerial responsibility. The different activities within the municipality are organised in departments under the chief executive officer´s office, which is responsible for overarching issues.

Municipal Board Department

The department administers issues related to the activities of the municipal board and municipal council. The secretariat has responsibility for the municipal archives.

The Finance Department

The department is responsible for monitoring the municipal budget, closure of the accounts, the annual report and the compilation of financial data for use by politicians and managers.

The Personnel Department

In addition to salaries and other remuneration the department is also responsible for central human resources issues, such as equality and recruitment and issues concerning the working environment.

The IT Department

The department has responsibility for running and maintaining the municipality´s computer network and computer equipment and provides expert assistance to schools, department and staff concerning equipment and technical solutions.

The Technical Unit

The technical unit manages activities involving real property, parks, roads and streets as well as land and land development issues. The practical work is carried out by the municipally-owned companies Sandvikenhus and Sandviken Energi.

The Procurement Unit

The unit is responsible for co-ordinating rational and efficient procurement in the municipality andmunicipally-owned companies .

The Service Department

The department provides the community with internal services such as kitchens, transport and various types of security services.

The Information Department

Works with information and marketing issues both within the municipality and externally to the local population.

The Economic Development Department

The department administers economic development issues and tourism.

Administrative Departments

The seven administrative departments each have their own specialist areas of activity and responsibility . The major part of the municipality´s regular day-to-day activities are managed and administered by the departments.  

Environment and Construction Department
The staff includes health officers and the municipal architect andthe municipal land surveyor. Tasks include: granting of building permits and physical planning, mapping and property sub-division .

Knowledge Department
The department has responsibility for all educational issues in the municipality with the exception of the university college.

Labour market and Traffic Department
The department has responsibility for issues concerning the labour market, public transport and integration of immigrants.

Culture and Sports Department
The department has responsibility for, amongst other things, sports facilities, The staff includeart galleries and libraries.

Disabled Care Department
The department has responsibility for ten specified areas in accordance with the Act Concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments, such as accommodation, activity programmes, short-stay accommodation and more, as well as areas in accordance with the Social Services ActHousing, Housing Support and Daily Activities for Persons Suffering from Mental Illnes s.

Elderly Care Department
The department has responsibility for activities which benefit senior citizens in the municipality, such as home-help service, short-stay accommodation, services for elderly people in their own homes, activity programmes and support to relations.

Individual and Family Care Department
The department provides assistance to children, young persons, and adults who are in a socially exposed situation. Support includes financial support, treatment as well as other forms of support.

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