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How Sandviken is governed

All municipalities in Sweden have a municipal council, which is the highest decision-making body in the municipality. A municipal council is made up of elected political representatives who are responsible for taking decisions concerning government of the municipality. These can involve a wide range of issues, from building public swimming baths to passing a budget or formulating long- term plans regulating the scope and extent of activities within the municipality´s different sectors.

Vision 2025
Vision 2025 was prepared by the Sandviken municipality executive board in 2009 based on comments and suggestions from more than 2 200 inhabitants of the municipality. The municipal council gave its unanimous approval to Vision 2025 on March 30th 2009.
Vision 2025PDF (pdf, 36.1 kB)

Political committees in Sandviken municipality
The level immediately below the municipal council is the political committees.

The Municipal Board
The municipal board directs and co-ordinates all municipal activities. The board is also responsible for the preparatory work before items are presented to the municipal council for ratification.

Environment and Construction Committee
This committee has the powers to take independent decisions and actions within its particular field of competence, such as granting building permits and prescribing fines and penalties. The committee is also responsible for activities related to physical planning and environmental issues.
Growth Committee
The work of this committee is focussed on important long-term issues and planning for the future development of Sandviken municipality. Typical issues include business and industry, tourism, the labour market, adult education and refugee and integration.
Knowledge Committee
The committee is responsible for the different levels of education in the municipality: pre-school, compulsory school, upper secondary school (high school) and special school.
Culture and Sports Committee
The committee is responsible for Kulturskolan (extramural music, dance and drama training), libraries, museums, art galleries, and grants to societies, culture-historical environments, sports and outdoor activities.
Care for the Elderly Committee
The committee is responsible for and taking decisions concerning issues such as home-help service, special housing and home-care services.
Social Welfare Committee
The social welfare committee is responsible for issues concerning children, young persons and adults who are in socially exposed situation or may be vulnerable, in different ways.
Care for the Disabled Committee
The committee has responsibility for the support and services provided to disabled persons by the municipality. Disabilities include: mental retardation, autism, permanent functional disorders, physical illness and other permanent physical or mental handicaps that are not a consequence of natural aging.
The Chief Guardians Committee
The committee is responsible for and monitors the activities of trustees.

Parallel with the municipal council there is anelectoralcommittee which has responsibility for issues related to the parliamentary elections, elections to the county council and municipal elections. The responsibility also includes making arrangement for polling stations, the appointment of returning officers and the provision of election materials. The electoral committee also supervises referendums, both local and national, as well as elections to the European Parliament.  Another overarching activity is auditing , which is an important, democratic monitoring function. The auditors monitor the activities of the committees to ensure that they implement and follow directives and guidelines given by the municipal council and applicable legislation. The auditing also includes scrutinizing and reviewing the activities of the municipally-owned companies.

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