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International Sweden

Sweden has a long tradition of international operations. The presence of many large multinational corporations has fostered a detailed knowledge of international business, management and language skills. Swedes´ command of English is among the best in Europe.

Through its geographic location and EU membership, Sweden is part of three significant economic areas. Scandinavia, where Sweden traditionally holds a strong position, has a population of close to 25 million. The country also has a strategic position in the rapidly expanding Baltic region, with its population of 100 million. Membership in the EU has provided access to a market with a total of 370 million people.

Sweden´s leading export markets are Germany, the U.S., the U.K. and Norway, which together account for 38 percent of exports. With regard to imports, the major countries are Germany, the U.K., Norway and Denmark with a combined total of 43 percent.

Engineering accounts for about half of Swedish exports, with machinery, electronics and motor vehicles making up the main categories. Other exports are forest products, chemicals (including pharmaceuticals) and minerals. The main imports are engineering products, chemical products, crude oil, mineral products, textiles and clothing.

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