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Just arrived or planning to move here

Sandviken municipality has a population of around 39 200 and lies in the county of Gävleborg and the province of Gästrikland, approximately 190 km north of Stockholm by road and 2 hours by rail. The rail journey to Arlanda, Sweden´s main international airport, takes only around 1.5 hours.   

Sandviken municipality

In the municipality everything is close at hand: shopping, schools, a unique nature with clear lakes and fine fishing waters and a wide range of outdoor activities. In the town of Sandviken you can experience a typical, intimate Swedish small town environment with many attractive shops, cafés, bars and restaurants. The many lakes (130) and the rivers give the countryside a special and uniquely attractive character. The Dalälven river, which has its headwaters in the mountains to the west, runs through the attractive village of Gysinge - in the 17th century an important ironworks and now restored- in a series of white-water rapids and open stretches on its way to the Baltic. To the north and south of Sandviken you will find a string of lakes including Storsjön and Öjaren. The varying landscape offers all types of recreation, both summer and winter. More about Sandviken municipality

Ungdomar i Sandvikens centrum


Services for newly arrived

At one and the same place you can get help with, for example, applying for child care, information about accommodation possibilities, information about various societies and organisations, work opportunities, education, leisure and cultural activities.

Visiting address:
Medborgarservice, Stadshuset, Odengatan 37, Sandviken
Tel: +46 (0)26-24 00 00

Twice a year we arrange introductory meetings for newly arrived, at which we present general information about our municipality and make a journey by bus in and around Sandviken. Every winter we go together to watch a bandy match - bandy is a very popular sport in this part of Sweden and Sandviken´s bandy team, SAIK, is one of Sweden´s best - at the Göransson Arena.

What people who have moved here have to say about Sandviken:

  • "A most attractive small town with a lot to offer."
  • "An intimate and cosy place, close to everything! Friendly people."
  • "A good town to live in with loads of outdoor activities."
  • "A pleasant place to live with most things only a short cycle ride away. This is something we´re not used to. Friendly people. Nice to come to a smaller town where everything is close at hand away from the stress of a city environment."

Living here

Renting accommodation

In Sandviken there is one large municipal landlord:  
Sandvikenhus, Lägenhetsaffären,
Tel +46 (0)26-242201 Sandvikenhusexternal link, opens in new window

Examples of private landlords:

Accommodation for students

If you are planning to go to an upper secondary school (high school) in Sandviken and need accommodation you find more information here:
Bessemerskolanexternal link, opens in new window

Short-term or long-term accommodation

If you need accommodation for the night with shared kitchen, common sitting room, shower and toilet facilities, please contact Mellansvenska Rum & Konferens
Tel +46 (0)26-455 0800, +46 (0)73-944 7001.

Small apartements with bathroom
Everystay Sandviken external link, opens in new window

Estate agents

Fastighetsbyrånexternal link, opens in new window (choose language)
Svensk Fastighetsförmedlingexternal link, opens in new window


Sandnet, which is a commercial unit within the municipally-owned company, Sandviken Energi AB, is the local supplier of broadband services in Sandviken municipality. Other suppliers of similar services include Telia and Tele 2.

Medical care

Region Gävleborg is responsible for public health and medical services. There are four (4) health centres in Sandviken municipality. The national dental health services clinic in Sandviken is at Gävlevägen 80
Tel: +46 (0)26-27 81 83, 27 82 45  

If you need medical advice dial 1177 
You can get advice about illnesses , symptoms and other problems, self-care, treatment and medical products.  

Dial 112 in case of emergencies.

Care of the elderly

In the municipality services for care of the elderly include home-help services, homes designed for the elderly and day services.

Special transport services (färdtjänst)

Persons with functional disorders that have been certified by a doctor have the right to special transport services for journeys both within the municipality and in the rest of Sweden.

Senior travel card

All persons who are 65 or older and registered in the county can purchase senior travel cards. The card is personal and is valid for journeys with X-Trafik´s busses and trains and with Tåg i Bergslagen´s trains within the county of Gävleborg. The card can be ordered from X-trafik. A card valid for 2015 costs SEK 2 880.  After you have ordered your card you can collect it from the nearest postal services locality.

Education and child care

- Investing in schools and education is one of the strategically most important steps that we can take to develop Sandviken municipality, says Ann-Katrin Sundelius, the municipality´s chief executive officer. In Sandviken´s pre-schools, compulsory schools and upper secondary schools (high schools) our aim is to ensure that every child and young person can influence his or her own situation and acquisition of knowledge.

Sandviken municipality has 20 compulsory schools, two of which are independent schools, 27 municipal pre-schools and 4 parent co-operative. In addition there are after-school recreation centres and other open activities. Some of the pre-schools and compulsory schools in Sandviken have their own special focus, nature, open air activities, equality, internationalization, sports and health.


Sandviken´s proximity to the Lake Mälaren region (Mälardalen) and Stockholm means that you can get to both in less than 2 hours by regular train services. It is easy to get to Sandviken: the town is a junction for lines of communication from all points of the compass: at the combined buss and railway station (Resecentrum) you can change to town busses from regional, long-distance and express busses and from regional and long-distance trains.

Busses and trains:

SGS-Bussen, Tel: +46 (0)26-14 72 80
Regular daily services, Sandviken - Stockholm. 
www.sgsbussen.seexternal link, opens in new window (only in Swedish)

X-trafik,Tel: +46 (0)771-9 10 10 9
Bus and rail services.
www.x-trafik.seexternal link, opens in new window (only in Swedish)

SJ,Tel: +46 (0)771-75 75 75
Rail services. link, opens in new window

Tåg i Bergslagen,
Rail services.
www.tagibergslagen.seexternal link, opens in new window


Taxi Stor & Liten, phone: +46 (0)26-27 40 00
Limousine, helicopter-taxi and special vehicle services can also be arranged.
www.taxi107000.comexternal link, opens in new window (only in Swedish)

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