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Information about living in Sandviken municipality

Sandviken municipality has a population of around 38 100 and lies in the county of Gävleborg and the province of Gästrikland, approximately 190 km north of Stockholm by road and 2 hours by rail. The rail journey to Arlanda, Sweden´s main international airport, takes only around 1.5 hours.   

Sandviken municipality

In the municipality everything is close at hand: shopping, schools, a unique nature with clear lakes and fine fishing waters and a wide range of outdoor activities. In the town of Sandviken you can experience a typical, intimate Swedish small town environment with many attractive shops, cafés, bars and restaurants. The many lakes (130) and the rivers give the countryside a special and uniquely attractive character. The Dalälven river, which has its headwaters in the mountains to the west, runs through the attractive village of Gysinge - in the 17th century an important ironworks and now restored- in a series of white-water rapids and open stretches on its way to the Baltic. To the north and south of Sandviken you will find a string of lakes including Storsjön and Öjaren. The varying landscape offers all types of recreation, both summer and winter.   

Sandvik AB

Sandvik AB, our internationally well-known high-technology engineering company attracts many persons to Sandviken, which gives the town an international character. The company has activities in 150 countries. Add to this the many international contacts that pupils at our schools have established and it is easy to understand why Sandviken is a place which offers you possibilities to learn more about other countries and cultures and use your knowledge of foreign languages. Our schools have an advanced computer environment and other IT facilities and are in contact with schools in other parts of the world almost daily.

What people who have moved here have to say about Sandviken:

  • "A most attractive small town with a lot to offer."
  • "An intimate and cosy place, close to everything! Friendly people."
  • "A good town to live in with loads of outdoor activities."
  • "A pleasant place to live with most things only a short cycle ride away. This is something we´re not used to. Friendly people. Nice to come to a smaller town where everything is close at hand away from the stress of a city environment."

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