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Sandviken is the town where everything is close at hand and where diversity is our hallmark. In and around Sandviken there are many places that are well worth a visit as well as lots of activities. Sandviken municipality has several old, carefully restored and maintained industrial communities which are popular recreational areas with hotel and conference facilities.

The well-known architect, Ralph Erskine, was responsible for the attractively unique design of the centre of the town and for many other housing areas.  In Gästrike Hammarby there are well-maintained examples of products that came from Ralph Erskine´s drawing board from the 1940s and 1950s.

Nya herrgården i Högbo som speglas i vattnet. En gångbro leder ut i vattnet och i bakgrunden finns skog mot en klarblå himmel.

Högbo Bruk

Places to visit and things to see   

Examples of what Sandviken can offer:

Högbo Bruk

offers a truly unique combination of cultural history, a beautiful natural environment and different activities. You can ski or jog on specially prepared and maintained tracks or just walk through the forest. There is an adventure park for the young and a 9-holes and 18-holes golf course. Högbo Bruk has a conference hotel and is renowned for its excellent cuisine. The hotel has spa facilities. On Högbo Bruk you can visit artisans and the Fragrance Design Center "Björk&Berries", where you can buy their works and products. External link, opens in new window.

Gysinge Bruk

is situated in beautiful surroundings close to the mighty Dalälven river with its many white-water rapids and wide stretches of open water. Gysinge Bruk dates from the 16th century and is a piously restored and carefully maintained old industrial village. Iron was once produced here using local ore and charcoal from the surrounding forests. In Swedish, Gysinge Bruk is called a vallonbruk and derives its name from the Walloonia workers who brought there skills in working iron ore from what is today Belgium. Gysinge Bruk was one of Sweden´s most important ironworks during the 1800s.

A stroll around the site and a look at the old buildings will certainly make you think about industrial history and how people worked and lived two or three centuries ago. The surroundings are ideal for the adventurous. At Gysinge there are some of Sweden´s best fishing waters, Färnebofjärden´s National Park with its own Naturum, the Centrum för Byggnadsvård (a centre for restoration and care of old buildings), cafés and a service trade who sells delicacies and locally manufactured food products.


only 20 minutes away from Sandviken offers downhill alpine skiing with 23 runs of the same class as those in the Swedish mountain resorts. You can stay in different residences and choose between different restaurants. External link, opens in new window.


At Parkbadet you can enjoy a swimming adventure to remember, in Mediterranean-warm water. You have the choice of just relaxing or a more strenuous workout in the gym. Parkbadet


plays an important role in Sandviken´s cultural life. Two of the most important annual events are the Jazz Festival (Sandviken Jazz & Blues-festival) and the Chamber Music Festival (Kammarmusikfestivalen).


Swimming and boating on the lake attracts many visitors during the summer. Storsjön has excellent sand beaches. If you want to relax on the lake why not take a trip on the MS Emma. During the winter you can sometimes skate on specially cleared tracks.

Årsunda Viking

The reconstruction of a Viking village is a living museum where you can experience cultural history in an exciting way. Open summertime. External link, opens in new window.

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