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This information applies to Hofors, Ockelbo and Sandvikens municipality.

Ventilation control

To ensure that indoor air in homes and workplaces is not hazardous to health, ventilation must be checked regularly.

Who needs an Mandatory Ventilation Control and how often?

Checks must be carried out at the time of new construction, after major renovations and at intervals thereafter as shown in the table below. In case of new installation or substantial modification of the ventilation system, a building notification shall be made before the work begins.

One- and two-family houses are exempted from the requirement for periodic inspection.

Category Inspection interval




Inspection interval

Pre-schools, schools, health care facilities and similar regardless of the type of ventilation system

3 years

Multi-dwelling buildings, office buildings and similar with FT and FTX ventilation

3 years

Multi-dwelling buildings, office buildings and similar with F, FX and S ventilation

6 years


  • FTX ventilation = fan-controlled supply and exhaust air with heat exchange
  • FX ventilation = fan-controlled extract air with heat exchange
  • FT ventilation = fan-controlled supply and exhaust air
  • F-ventilation = fan-controlled extract air
  • S-ventilation = self-draught

Who is responsible for ensuring that the Mandatory Ventilation Control is carried out?

It is always the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that an Mandatory Ventilation Control is carried out. The Building Department is the supervisory authority and can issue an injunction if checks are not carried out properly.

How does a check work?

Periodic inspections check that the function and characteristics of the ventilation system essentially comply with the regulations in force when the system was put into service. The inspection shall be carried out by an approved inspector. A copy of the inspection report must be submitted to the Building Department.

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