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This information applies to Hofors, Ockelbo and Sandvikens municipality.

Hygienic treatment, swimming pools and solarium

This page provides information on how to register your business if you intend to start a business in cosmetic hygiene activities, swimming pools or solarium.

Hygienic treatment

If you plan to start a business involving chiropody, acupuncture, piercing, tattooing or other treatments where you use perforating or cutting instruments. Then you must register at the Västra Gästrikland community building administration in advance.

Hygienic activities, where the public is professionally offered treatments that entail a risk of blood infection or other infection due to the use of cutting or perforating tools, are notifiable under the Ordinance (1998:899) on Environmental Hazardous Activities and Health Protection. Notifiable activities - (in Swedish) External link, opens in new window.

Premises and equipment must be suitable for the activities carried out. The operation's procedures must be compiled in a written self-monitoring program. Examples of areas to include in the self-monitoring program are cleaning, hygiene and waste.

The community building administration has supervisory responsibility for hygiene premises, even those that are not subject to registration requirements.

Only tattoo inks labeled "mixture for use in tattoos or permanent makeup" may be used. Read more about Tattoo inks - Medical Products Agency (in Swedish). External link, opens in new window.

How to submit a notification?

Fill in the e-service below in good time before the activity starts. A drawing of the premises and hygiene, cleaning and waste procedures must be attached to the notification. Remember that you may also need a building permit for the premises.

Swimming pools

If you plan to start a pool activity, for example swimming pools, whirlpools, paddling pools, waterslides, floating pools and hot tubs, you must register your business at the Västra Gästrikland community building administration in advance. If you have any questions or wish to discuss your planned activities, please contact the Public Works Department.

The business must use self-monitoring to ensure that the quality of the bathing water is good. Procedures must be in place for the maintenance of the facility, as well as procedures for malfunctions and sampling.

The community building administration also has supervisory responsibility for swimming pools. Inspections include checking results of water testing, hygiene and cleaning procedures.


Solariums are subject to notification and must be reported to the community building administration. Please note that changes in ownership, cessation or relocation of the business also must be notified to the community building administration.

Notification of solarium activities takes place in accordance with Section 10 of the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority's regulations Swedish Radiation Safety Authority's regulations (SSMFS 2012:5, in Swedish) External link, opens in new window. on solariums and artificial solar facilities.

It is you who conduct the activity who are responsible for ensuring that your activity meets the requirements of the Radiation Protection Act and the Environmental Code. If your business does not do so, the community building administration will demand that the deficiencies are rectified.

Cosmetic tannig products

Cosmetic products intended to enhance the effect from UV radiation are not permitted to be sold.

18-year limit for tanning activities

It is prohibited to allow persons under the age of 18 to sunbathe in a cosmetic solarium. As a solarium owner, you need to ensure that the customer is over 18 years old. You can do this by checking an ID document, or by having a technical solution that ensures that only people over 18 years of age can access a tanning booth.


Below are examples of what should be included in your self-monitoring, in addition to the requirements of the Radiation Protection Act. The community building administration recommends that the self-monitoring be in writing to make it easier for the business to update procedures.

  • Disposal of hazardous waste
  • Cleaning area and cleaning procedures
  • Hygiene routines
  • Ventilation
  • Procedures for checking equipment
  • Complaints procedures


If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Västra Gästrikland's community building administration, which you can reach via Medborgarservice 026-24 00 00 or

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