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This information applies to Hofors, Ockelbo and Sandvikens municipality.

Tobacco-free nicotine products

On August 1, 2022, a new law entered into force, the Tobacco-free Nicotine Products Act (SFS2022:1257). It means that the sale of tobacco-free nicotine products must be notified to the municipality. Examples of tobacco-free nicotine products are so-called white nicotine snus. Notification must be made at the latest when sales begin.

Self-monitoring program

Anyone who sells tobacco-free nicotine products is required by law to ensure that the point of sale has a self-monitoring program adapted to the business. The self-monitoring program must contain information about the outlet's sales procedures. The procedures must ensure that the business complies with laws and other requirements for sales.

Supervision and fees

There is no fee for the notification of tobacco-free nicotine products. However, you will receive an annual fee for the supervision of sales. The fee will vary depending on what other tobacco products you sell.

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