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Handling of flammable and explosive goods

According to the Act (2010:1011) on flammable and explosive goods, a permit is required for anyone who handles flammable goods professionally or in large quantities. It is the person who intends to carry out the activity who must apply for a permit. Whether or not you need a permit depends, among other things, on the type of activity you carry out and the quantity of flammable goods you will be handling.

Flammable goods are divided into gases, liquids and fire-reactive goods: Flammable gases include all gases that can ignite in air at 20°C, such as acetylene, natural gas, LPG and hydrogen. Flammable liquids include all liquids with a flash point of 100°C or less, such as gasoline, diesel oil, kerosene and methylated spirits. Fire-reactive goods include hydrogen peroxide, organic peroxides, ammonium nitrate, low-nitrated nitrocellulose and flammable cinema film.

Gästrike Räddningstjänst manages the licensing and supervision of flammable and explosive goods for Sandviken municipality.

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